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Here we go…

So, here I sit in the darkness of our new apartment Anna and I have just moved into and I am thinking to myself, “Man, I should really take a shower, brush my teeth and get to bed because I’ve gotta get up at 6:30am for work!” But alas, everything in me wants to write this first blog so I can figure out how to set up this “web page”…Southeast Asia is on my mind. I know that in a very short while my family and I will be taking the biggest step of our lives together. Moving to Asia has been on my heart and mind for over a year now and finally we are making preparations to go! Anna and I plan on using this blog page as a way for y’all to keep up with whats going on in our lives as well as how the preparations are coming. We will also be using this page as a way to post things that we make, ie. videos, photos, music videos, and the like. So please subscribe to receive an email every time we makeĀ  a post! THANKS!!!