A Fathers Journey

This has been my journey.

It never ceases to amaze me how often and how easy plans seem to change. On a trip to another country you get wrecked and feel the tugging of the Spirit telling to “GO” so you easily say “Yes.” Then for the next two years that’s all you prepare for; all of your focus is on getting back to that same place that you felt your heart melt for…that you felt your heart break for. Finally the day comes when you leave for that distant land with nothing but a blank canvas in front of you just waiting to be painted on by the Father, and oh does He paint. For three months you laugh, dance, sing, teach, travel, cry, climb mountains, hug, create, smell, and taste LIFE in all its glory. Then, after two years of planning, you leave that enchanting place and head back to the familiar.


Once you get “home” your find out that God has once again changed “your” plans. He basically says, “Nope, you’ve done what I called you to do there, I want you here. I want you to be a FATHER…” You find out your beautiful wife is pregnant with your second child. Mixed emotions run through your head and you don’t know whether to be excited and joyful at the thought of having another child or broken hearted and sad that this means you cannot go back to that place that has your heart…maybe just maybe you choose a little of both.


Coming to grips with the terms you embark on another challenge all on its own and learn a new set of skills that will eventually help and save people on their worst day. You learn a new set of skills that could possibly help change a community. You gain new friends and new brothers.


Life is happening all around you but in the back of your mind you cannot, you will not, stop thinking about that far off land that has your heart. Those special people that endure things you can’t possibly imagine every single day. You’ve been placed outside of your comfort zone having to rely on others and on your heavenly Father for a living almost detesting every moment of it but knowing deep down inside that this is what it means to be a SON…Only sons can become true fathers because if a father was not first a son how then will he know what a father is?


This has been my journey. I’ve been called to the HIGHEST calling…to be a Father. I hope that one day I might be able to go back to that place that has my heart buried in its soil next to those mountains. To go back and see the faces of all those children that are fatherless…I want to be a father.

This has been my journey.




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