“Dirty Dishes” with Jesus

This past week has been a whirlwind. Accepting the position of worship leaders at our church (didn’t plan on this one!), getting a new set of tires on our car only to come out of the store and see that one of them had gone flat (then the spare donut tire was flat too!). We ended up spending another $80 that we didn’t have but Anna and I know that it could have been a lot worse, like if it happened the next morning when we took a trip to Dallas to meet with our Missions agency to finalize our approval with them. On a happy note, I am happy to announce that we are official World Missions Advance Missionaries! Then we get home late Saturday night and start finalizing things for our first worship service the next morning and we find that our only computer is acting up and doesn’t want to work right. And last but not least our car (other than the tires) needs new tie rods! BAM!!! The good news is we get our vacation in a week! And if I feel like being a “super Christian” then the MAIN good news is that JESUS IS ALIVE! #truth

All honesty though sometimes in our lives our circumstances seem to be WAY bigger than they actually are. They tend to pile up on top of one another and get to a point that we feel we can’t do a whole lot about it; we become nostalgic. But as I was washing the dishes today Father God taught me a lesson. What seemed like a TON of dishes in our sink really were just a few big pots and pans with a few small things. When I began to take out the big things the rest of the job went by fast and it turned out that the job really wasn’t as big as I thought it was.

In your life when things seem bigger than you can handle and circumstances seem to pile on top of you step back and ask God to put things back in perspective for you. See things for what they really are; not based upon your feelings but based upon how small they really are compared to the Lord.

...a picture of us!
…a picture of us!